About Roxi Red

Measurements 50-30-36
Bra Size 38-KK
Height 5' 9"
Weight 170 lbs.
Birthday December 12th

Roxi Red was a cheerleader in high school. Her tits weigh over 15 pounds each and her bras only last a few months before they wear out. "I don't really get measured for bras," Roxi said. "If I see one that looks like it fits, I try it on and buy it. Most bras don't fit." Roxi says her kink is eating candy when she has sex. That's a new one even for us. "I like to be on top because a guy can hold onto my tits and lift them. Or, I can lean forward and cover his face with my boobs. Most guys like having my tits in their face when I am on top because they swing around a lot. love kissing, tit-sucking and getting oral best, in that order. I don't have much of a problem getting what I want. I like a sweet-talking man who enjoys sucking tits."

Roxi is a member of 'The 20 Club,' which is for girls whose bust measurement is at least 20 inches more than their waist measurement. Most of the girls in this Club have had boob jobs so Roxi is a rare member with natural breasts. "I get asked out a lot and I do get recognized in public. It's hard to hide these. Even when I'm wearing something that doesn't show how big my tits are, like a very large blouse, sometimes men will look at me like they think they've seen me before. I can tell by their eye contact and their expression."